May 9: One of the Best Days in Almost a Month!

2 min readMay 9, 2020


Canada reported the least number of non-Sunday deaths in 19 days.

Quebec reported the least number of deaths in 22 days.

Ontario reported the lowest number of new cases in almost a month.

In Ontario, over 14,000 cases are considered resolved, which makes up 72.1% of all confirmed cases.

Daily deaths in Canada

The following chart is the same data as above, except showing a 3-day rolling average:

Daily deaths are relatively flat

Take a look at the daily percentage change in total deaths (3-day rolling average). I expect this number to drop further tomorrow:

Normally I do a deeper analysis of at least one area, but with a day this good, there’s no need. Let’s celebrate. I am going to have burgers for dinner to celebrate!




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