May 4: Lots of good, hopeful news

Despite the rise of deaths in Ontario, we’re doing very well
  • Quebec reported fewer deaths than they have on average over the past 20 days
  • Ontario reported fewer than 400 new cases (371 to be precise). Just 10 days ago, this number was 640.
  • Ontario’s daily testing capacity is now at 16,000, well above the level we were at not too long ago (yes, still not high enough but let’s focus on the improvement)
  • Ontario has fewer patients hospitalized: 984 patients (down by 26) hospitalized, with 225 patients in an ICU (down by 7) and 175 patients in ICUs on a ventilator (up by 1)
  • Ontario is probably past its peak:
That, right there, is a flattened curve!
It’s too early to tell whether Quebec’s dip in new cases is a part of their regular pattern or a clear falling of new cases
We’re very close to the predicted number for today
We’re reporting roughly same number of deaths every day



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