May 11:

2 min readMay 11, 2020


Can you tell, the number of deaths in Canada is finally starting to slow:

Total deaths in each country

It might be hard to see, but if we see the 5-day rolling average of death, we can see it starting to come down:

Is Canada starting to show a decline?

On the global front, America might be finally controlling the daily number of deaths:

This shows up in the declining percentage as well:

3-day rolling average

Let’s zoom into Canada:

Canada is down to 3%. Let’s go lower tomorrow!

Here in Canada Quebec has seriously struggled (mostly the Montreal area).

Quebec has averaged 103 deaths a day in the month of May. Today it reported 101 deaths (yesterday’s data), so pretty much right on the average.

Ontario, on the other hand, has averaged 58 deaths but reported 48 today. Typically Tuesday is worse than Monday, fingers crossed for tomorrow’s numbers.

Let’s dive deep to understand Ontario better:

  1. The number of ICU patients and patients needing ventilators has been going down all of May:

2. Ontario is also finally making improvements when it comes to daily tests:

From 6,000 tests to > 15,000 tests. The green line is a 3-day rolling average

3. And despite more testing, we’re finding fewer cases:

The green line is a 3-day rolling average

4. A good way to see this is to see how many of the tested cases are positive:

The green line is a 3-day rolling average

In conclusion, Ontario is on its way down. Quebec, unfortunately, need some more time.




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