End of week update

2 min readMay 26, 2020


It seems like Ontario is (hopefully) going down again after a bad week due to Mother’s Day.

The increase in active cases after Mother’s Day

We had two weeks of high new cases after Mother’s Day. It seems like enough people violated physical distancing to make the situation worse.

It also underscores why physical distancing is so important.

The cases might start going up again after the previous weekend.

Let’s get all negatives out of the way. Ontario’s testing rate is down again, below 10,000:

It’s been almost 10 days since we had a half-decent test rate

Now good news:

The rise in active cases did not result in a rise in the number of deaths (although it did flatten it when the rate was going down before):

Mother’s Day rise stopped the steady decrease we were seeing in daily deaths

However, hospitalizations and ICU patients are still going down:

Take a look at the death rate:

Zoomed in to Canada:

You can see the rate go up after hitting 1.33%

Here’s the conclusion I really need to state: the rise after Mother’s Day resulted in the rise in the increase in total deaths. That means we lost more lives than we would have.

I repeat, we lost more lives than we would have if people maintained physical distancing even during Mother’s Day.

I’d like to see Quebec bring its cases and daily deaths down. And I’d like to see Ontario reduce new cases down to < 100 a day, and keep the testing rates high.

Next update on Saturday.




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