America, You Baffle Me!

As a teenager, I looked at America with admiration. The rule of law, the constitution, the American dream: I completely drank the Koolaid.

Then I got a job offer from a US company and I spent 5+ years in the US. Even as I moved back home, walking away from an amazing opportunity just because I no longer wanted to live in the US, I had high hopes for the nation.

If the election of Donald J. Trump did not make it clear then this current pandemic should: America is an amazing facade held together by inertia (and incredible debt) that falls apart at the first crisis. A great place to live if you’re in the top 10%, but for everyone else, they’re better off elsewhere.

50,000 people at the beach? Really? After 60,000+ deaths?

As the old saying goes, when America sneezes, Canada gets the cold. Sadly, with this pandemic, America sneezed and it sneezed hard.

Canada is ending April with 3,180 reported deaths, mostly in Ontario and Quebec due to a virus that mostly came to these provinces from the US.

For comparison, our larger and less careful neighbour has 63,748 deaths. Adjusted for the population, Canada has lost 83 souls per million Canadians whereas America has lost 193 for every million, with no slowing down. It is still accumulating 2,000+ deaths a day.

Even though Canada is doing well overall, today was a bad day for Ontario because the province reported the highest one-day death toll with 86 deaths. Quebec reported 98.

Both provinces have done an amazing job controlling the pandemic, but both are struggling with some long-term care and retirement homes outbreaks.

While I am not too worried about the fact that we had a bad day — we expect bad days — I am genuinely angry at (some) Americans and their selfishness and ignorance.

Come on Elon Musk, no one is getting arrested. Sorry you only made $750M, but we’re trying to save lives

I’ll never understand how billionaires with more money than they can spend in 7 lifetimes still putting additional money above everything else, including the lives of other people.

One day someone will have to explain to me the American obsession with firearms. It’s one thing to own them as a hobby or for hunting, another to arm up to storm a government building to ‘protest’.

Let’s pause for a second. Imagine you’re a minimum wage cleaner or security guard, or a front-desk person, and you have to walk through this non-sense to get to work: a bunch of heavily armed (mostly) men yelling racist slurs at you. And why the heck does everything become racist anyway?

WTF? Why?

In the end, the Canadian trend is good. But can we really be out in the clear if America continues to act like a spoiled teenager with no regard for anyone else?

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