It seems like Ontario is (hopefully) going down again after a bad week due to Mother’s Day.

The increase in active cases after Mother’s Day

We had two weeks of high new cases after Mother’s Day. It seems like enough people violated physical distancing to make the situation worse.

It also underscores why physical distancing is so important.

Canada has made a rapid improvement in tackling the number of daily deaths.

Daily deaths in Canada has come down from 179 on May 8th to 93 yesterday

I’d have done the update yesterday but I put it off because reported deaths were too low. I was concerned that perhaps the data was not tabulated properly because of the long weekend.

As expected, the reported…

Germany, France, Italy, and Spain are pretty much flat. The daily deaths number is finally slowing down in the US. The US part was expected considering the country will cross 100,000 COVID-19 deaths this month (the real number might be twice as high).

Can you tell, the number of deaths in Canada is finally starting to slow:

Total deaths in each country

It might be hard to see, but if we see the 5-day rolling average of death, we can see it starting to come down:

Canada reported the least number of non-Sunday deaths in 19 days.

Quebec reported the least number of deaths in 22 days.

Ontario reported the lowest number of new cases in almost a month.

In Ontario, over 14,000 cases are considered resolved, which makes up 72.1% of all confirmed cases.

Daily deaths in Canada

The following chart is the same data as above, except showing a 3-day rolling average:


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